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Winnix RFID asset management application


Keywords:Asset management, Winnix, RFID module, fixed reader, handheld reader, middleware

Summary:This solution suits for Enterprise, bank, institution, for example, BOM management, office equipment management, confidential document management, IT device management, transportation device management.

Content:Advantage for Winnix RFID asset management:

  Easy operation, could meet long distance reading

  Reading fast, could be shown in the handheld immediately

  Accurate reading, every fixed asset has its unique tag.

  Harsh environment tag, better than barcode

  Good Anti-collision performance, could read bulk tags in moment

  Write Endurance>100,000

System component


  RFID fixed reader

  RFID handheld reader

  RFID middleware

  RFID asset management software

System functions:

  Asset life circle management

  Manage many kinds of the assets

  Automatic asset management

  Save time

  improve efficiency

System operation:

  Register asset, stick the tag and write asset information.

  Get real-time Asset data

  know asset’s move, and record it

  Gain asset update information, physics status and reminding function

  Monitor asset steal or no authorization moving.

System benefit:

  Increase efficiency---less time for tracking miss or device

  Improve asset maintenance


  Improve device utility, reduce device renting time

  Reduce asset and operation cost, less asset lost problem will save more charge.

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