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What is RFID?

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) utilizes wireless communications to transmit, in real-time, the identification on a product or person, allowing for automatic transmission of various information regarding a particular product.

What is WMS?

Waste Management System (WMS) combines RFID technology to produce a software application that allows waste collection agencies to track and automate waste collection activities. WMS has three separate applications, Bin Delivery Application, The truck-mount RFID Waste Collection Application and Waste Management Back Office application, all of which aim to enhance waste agencies waste management as well as increase the efficiency of daily operations. Examples of information collected, instantly, from the integration of WMS are; drivers' routes, waste hauler data and costumer information (name, address, number of waste bins, etc.). WMS can be easily merged into any waste collection agency's system, whether a municipality, large or small, or private waste collection organizations. The benefits provided by WMS to any user are immense and long-term, and all provide waste agencies with the ability to maximize the efficiency and profitability of daily operations.

Benefits of WMS

WMS aims to provide users with a variety of benefits that will assist in providing a reliable way of retrieving waste system information and allow for users to be better able to alter and enhance company operations to ensure the maximization of profits and efficiency level is being achieved. Sample benefits of WMS are listed below:

Insight into effectiveness of recycling systems (analyze collection – find problem areas)

Real time collection – immediate visibility into daily collection activities (areas still not complete – can see this instantly)

Insight into crew and their collection efficiency

Cost competition solutions

Real time reporting for necessary audits

Can easily be customized to support pay-as-you-throw (PAYT)

With the use of RFID, it reduces manual processes

Improves driver habits and truck and cart maintenance

Provides detailed customer information and the age of inventory

The benefits listed above are just samples of the vast improvements and developments that can be taken on by users as a result of the integration of WMS software into operating systems. Increases overall profitability and maximizing efficiency

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