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Passive UHF RFID Temperature Sensor Chip
  •  Sensitivity up to -14.7 with a Dipole Antenna
  •  Up to 96 bits of EPC Memory
  •  96 bits of Serialized TID with 48-bit Serial Number
  •  Industry Leading NVM MTP IP, Provides 100,000 Cycles Write Endurance or 10-Year Data retention in room temperature.

A passive wireless temperature sensor,a EPCTM Global Class1 Gen2 compliant LTU27 series chip,
It uses the advantage UHF radio energy harvesting technology to get the power from band 860MHz-960MHz. The chip owns 512-bit NVM block, user could storage some data conveniently. The UHF RFID communication interface supports the EPC global C1G2 v1.2 protocol. It is handy to build a temperature monitoring system with any UHF RFID reader which compatable with the protocol.
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