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UHF RFID Desktop Reader (USB Reader)
Built in Impinj R500 chip 
Excellent reading/writing performance, Max. reading range is 1 meter
Suitable all kinds of RFID system integration projection

UHF RFID high performance desktop reader embedded with module which designed by using Impinj INDY chip, maximum power supply is 25dBm. 15dBm is recommended as fixed power

USB interface is available for power supply and communication, which reaches the most simply connection

With internal 3dBi circular polarization antenna, tag reading distance is adjustable from 0 to 1 meter.

High read rate as 200 tag/s

Two GPIO connect to LED light and buzzer, clients can easily control IO according to the special requirement

Exellent writing performance, well suitable as desktop reader or identifying device for high performance industrial application.

HYR810 Desktop reader SPEC.pdf

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